Some background information on Herbert Lincoln Clarke

Herbert Lincoln Clarke was the most famous of all the early American virtuoso cornet players. There is a mass of literature devoted to him and he left a huge legacy of cornet tutors, cornet solos and brass manuscripts for the enjoyment of all brass music lovers. Born in Woburn, Massachusetts his early musical career began on violin but he also experimented with brother Edwin’s cornet. In his teenage years the family moved to Toronto and Herbert joined a local restaurant band on cornet. Later a family move to Indianapolis brought him into contact with Walter Rogers, a very technically able cornet player, who guided him on the art of playing the cornet and viola. By 1893, after various positions in The Toronto Citizen’s Band, the Patrick Gilmore’s Band, and freelance engagement he secured the solo cornet position with John Philip Sousa’s Band.


Herbert Clarke plays “Showers of Gold” (Clarke) as track 23 on “Vintage Gems” CD3BM3