Here is a an important source of  historic brass music and early virtuoso cornet solo repertoire.

Choice Recordings specializes in the audio restoration of vintage brass music originally recorded on 78 rpm records.  Currently we have three compact disc compilations featuring Cornet Soloists : Jack Mackintosh, Harry Mortimer, Jesse Stampe, Herbert L. Clarke, Del Staigers and Bohumir Kryl.

The website uses mp3 audio files.

We currently have three CD releases costing £12.00 each with no duplicated tracks.

Choice Recordings Audio Restoration

Collect and digitally restore electric and acoustic 78 rpm audio recordings and transfer in high fidelity form to compact disc

Company Profile

Choice Recordings have concentrated on early brassband record restoration. With a background in seismic data processing and scientific programming Malcolm Hobson has written the software to remove scratches, clicks, pops and attenuate hiss from 78rpm shellac records. We also balance the recording levels from each groove side-wall prior to restoration.

It takes considerable effort and expertise to generate a few minutes of restored music from a background of high surface noise but releasing the gems from the past to the public is extremely satisfying even though economically unrewarding. The higher the quality of the original shellac record the better the final processed version.

Three Brass Archive compilations released on compact disc have been well received and broadcast on local and national BBC Radio

A large collection of brass music captured on 78s are being prepared for transcription to compact disc. Sales of current releases will ensure further issues in the series

Due to the very exclusive nature of these recordings they are not available at your local music store. In fact you are pretty lucky to have stumbled onto this site altogether.

I would advise anyone who wants to get the most out of their old LP and 78rpm records – “buy a good Garrard 401 with an SME 2 unmodified arm” the sound is just unbelievable and worth every penny spent. Note that all current music restorations have been originally transcribed using a Rega 78 turntable. Further releases will be based on the Garrad 401 transcriptions. I am also looking into 24 bit recordings and a corresponding update of our software, which should aid the noise reduction process but may not yield vastly improved final sound on CD format. Time will tell.

Let me know if anyone has a better transcription of Arthur Laycock’s rendition of “Titania”. Of course if helps if you have a well preserved 78rpm record.




CD CompilationDescriptionCD Price includes Postage
CD1BM1The Cornet King£12.00
CD2BM2Fabulous Fodens£12.00
CD3BM3Vintage Gems£12.00