Dating from 1855 this is probably the World’s most famous brass band originally sponsored by John Foster’s and Sons of Queensbury , West Yorkshire woollen mills fame.

…. and now for something completely different – testing mp3 format of a live performance. The BBC must have loads of this priceless stuff stashed away in their basement audio vaults – or maybe they just can’t be bothered to look?

Dyke won the National in 1959 on “Le Roi D’ys” but everyone remembers their winning performance of  “Les Francs Juges (The Judges of the Secret Court) – yes the famous 1961 version conducted by Major George Willcocks after Dyke drew the unlucky 13 after a series of pre-contest calamities …

and yes that is Harry Mortimer doing the commentary.

Later that evening following a concert by the Massed Brass Bands a further portion of the test piece was broadcast :

(an Email from Steve Jack at Brass Band World precipitated this addition to the website)